The Episcopal Diocese
of New York

1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 316-7400
[email protected]

2018 Convention Report

For documents made available before convention, click here.

Texts of Bishops’ Addresses and Reports

Bishop Dietsche
Bishop Shin
Bishop Glasspool

Resolutions Printed in the Calendar of Business and Passed at Convention

    Resolutions from the Floor and Passed at Convention

      2019 Budget as Approved

        Minimum Clergy Compensation

        will increase as of Jan 1, 2019.
        Click here for the new rates.

        Elected at Convention

        Standing Committee
        Clergy, Class of 2022
        The Rev. Judith Ferguson

        Standing Committee
        Lay, Class of 2022
        Ms. Carol Williams

        Committee to Elect a Bishop
        Clergy, Class of 2019
        The Rev. Susan Fortunato

        Committee to Elect a Bishop
        Lay, Class of 2019
        Ms. Gisele Isidore

        Trustees of the Diocese
        Class of 2021
        The Rev. Dr. Pierre Andre Duvert
        Mr. Michael Lehman
        Ms. Sharee A. Melton

        Diocesan Council
        Class of 2021
        The Rev. Mary Gregorius
        The Rev. Loyda Morales
        The Rev. Anne Sawyer
        The Rev. Dustin Trowbridge
        Ms. Shirley Nelson
        Mr. Peter Saros

        Disciplinary Board
        Class of 2019
        The Rev. Martha Overall
        The Rev, Massud Ibn Syedullah
        Ms. Nell Gibson